News and Commentary Featuring Fred's Work
  • Out in the Bay - Radio Interview - July 17, 2008
  • What's Tougher to get than a Same-Sex Marriage? A Same Sex Divorce - July 25, 2008
  • The Power of One: Are Singles Getting a Fair Shake?, - September, 2006 (Fred appears at the 38 minute mark)
  • The Adjustable-Rate Marriage, East Bay Express - February 22, 2006
  • Out in the Bay - Radio Interview - July 7, 2005

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  • An All-Too-Fragile Union, June 2005
  • Though They Can't Wed, Gays May Now Divorce, January 1, 2005
  • The Changing Faces of Gay Legal Issues, July 1, 2004
  • The Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage, April26, 2004
  • Gay-Wedding Windfall? Not at Tax Time, April 8, 2004
  • Legal Advice is Ambiguous For Same-Sex Couples, March 5, 2004
  • Same-Sex Couples' Real Estate Disputes Provide Niche, October 2003
  • Is Civil Union Registration Right for You?, April 6, 2003
  • Listen to Fred on the Radio
  • THE ADVOCATE Magazine, September 2001
  • Without Benefit of Clergy: How Gay Couples Create Their Own Legal Rights, July 2000
  • HERO Magazine, February-March, 2000
  • "Delving into 'Legal Affairs' for Gays", 1999
  • Same-Sex Couples Redefine Marriage, June 26, 1998
  • HOLDING COURT -- When Everything Unravels and There Is No Knot, June 8, 1997

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